Innovation is

    What drives us
    every day

    Our company is situated in a high-tech campus area near Eindhoven. We collaborate with top skilled engineers and are continuously being updated with the latest innovations in the industry.

    About us

    Reshaping the world of mobile healthcare delivery

    When Michiel Becx and Martijn Gevers decided to join forces, a unique new company was created: Expandable Healthcare. The collaboration brought together 20 years of experience in the field of mobile healthcare, entrepreneurship and a desire to help people across the globe.

    Partnerships for better results

    We’ve established partnerships with some of the world’s largest service providers and leading medical equipment manufacturers, like Philips, Siemens, GE Healthcare and Canon. These partnerships are at the base of our mobile medical solutions. 

    Mobile Healthcare Solutions

    Our experiences, entrepreneurial mindset and partnerships make it possible to create various solutions in multiple markets around the globe. We manufacture our products in the south of The Netherlands where we collaborate with high-skilled engineers. We are located near an inspiring high-tech campus and stay up-to-date on the latest innovations which contribute to better access to healthcare worldwide.

    Our mission

    Expandable Healthcare’s mission is to improve healthcare worldwide and make it available to anyone, anywhere. Our mobile solutions make this possible. Whether you’re facing expansion problems in Europe or want a fast solution for better healthcare in Africa, Expandable Healthcare makes it all possible.

    The Perfect Flow
    Our goal is to create

    A new standard in mobile healthcare

    Better and easier access, optimal privacy for patients and staff in a unique and healthy environment. We’ve redeveloped our products from the ground up with a focus on both patients and staff. We’ve redesigned the complete way to deliver mobile imaging services. We are continuously working on a unique product portfolio to improve access to healthcare for anyone, anywhere in the world.

    We provide a wide range of imaging solutions suitable for the installation of CT, PETCT, MRI, X-ray and mammography equipment as well as non‐imaging solutions such as primary healthcare, GP consultation rooms and on-demand emergency units. Each solution is easy to implement and offers a safe and easy-to access environment for both staff and patients.

    We are certified by some of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers, and we understand what it takes to implement sustainable healthcare solutions that operate worldwide.