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    Reshaping the world of mobile healthcare delivery

    When Michiel Becx and Martijn Gevers decided to join forces, a unique new company was created: Expandable Healthcare. The collaboration brought together 20 years of experience in the field of mobile healthcare, entrepreneurship and a desire to help people across the globe. Partnerships with some of the world’s largest service providers and leading medical equipment manufacturers, like Philips, Siemens, GE Healthcare and Canon were established and are at the base of our mobile medical solutions. 

    The experiences, entrepreneurial mindset and partnerships make it possible to create various solutions in multiple markets around the globe. We manufacture our solutions in the south of The Netherlands where we work together with great engineers. The location where we manufacture our mobile healthcare solutions is no accident. Located near an inspiring high-tech campus, we have access to the best craftmanship. In this environment, we stay up-to-date of the latest innovations which contribute to better accessibility of healthcare worldwide.

    At Expandable Healthcare we made it our mission to improve healthcare worldwide and make it available to anyone, anywhere. Our mobile solutions make this possible. Whether you’re facing expansion problems in Europe or want to have a fast solution for better healthcare in Africa, with the mobile healthcare solutions of Expandable Healthcare it is all possible.

    Smart & Innovative design

    Why undergo a medical examination in a “trailer” look solution if the alternative can be an Expandable Healthcare smart looking mobile concept that pleases the eye and creates a unique experience for both patient and staff. A differentiator in the market of mobile healthcare provision.

    Expandable Innovation
    Production facility

    Short lead times

    Due to a level of standardization we are able to supply your mobile healthcare solution in the time you need it. A serial production strategy has a positive impact on overall lead time and cost in general. A new approach in the market place.

    Turn key

    A fully functional healthcare solution tailored to your needs including all the requirements that are needed. A single point of contact to guarantee a smooth process from design tto installation of the medical equipment.

    Turn Key Trailer

    Semi finished

    Active in strong and competitive markets and still be able to deliver products which are designed and “made in Holland” we came up with a new market approach. A semi-finished product solution that enables local partners to access our technology and benefit from our many years of experience in providing mobile healthcare solutions. A transfer of technology that enables others to create a mobile healthcare facility in the best quality possible. By implementing a level of local content, we allow local economies to benefit from our experience and solutions. This strategy will improve acceptance and serviceability and therefore more sustainable.