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    Healthcare Applications

    Each Expandable Healthcare design is functionally aligned with the clinical purpose it serves.

    Mobile medical solutions

    Each application has its own requirements

    Whether it's an advanced imaging care suite or a general practitioner unit each solution meets the highest industry standard and OEM site planning guides. The quality of our design and construction has been certified by major medical equipment manufacturers.

    Expandable Westerpark

    Innovation is what drives us every day

    Our solutions are the result of smart thinking and optimal use of our engineering capabilities

    At Expandable Healthcare it’s our mission to help provide better healthcare worldwide. We believe everyone, everywhere should have access to good healthcare, so we create tailor-made solutions in close collaboration with top quality healthcare product manufacturers. Whatever healthcare challenge you face, we offer a solution that fits your needs.

    We provide a wide range of imaging solutions suitable for the installation of CT, PETCT, MRI, X-ray and mammography equipment as well as non‑imaging solutions such as primary healthcare, GP consultation rooms and on-demand emergency units. Each solution is easy to implement and offers a safe and easy-to-access environment for both staff and patients.

    We are certified by some of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers, and we understand what it takes to implement sustainable healthcare solutions that operate worldwide.

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    Mobile healthcare solutions

    New ways for better access to healthcare

    Movable space

    Movable space

    A mobile healthcare solution for anyone, anywhere in the world. Solutions suited for specific regions, with a strong focus on functionality and accessibility.

    Health & safety

    Health & safety

    Mobile solutions that operate at ground level. The safest access for both patients and staff. The safest and healthiest environment with an optimal climate control system and air filtering.

    Unique user experience

    Unique user experience

    We have combined our innovative and visually balanced finish with artwork, typically designed for stress reduction, and to invoke a feeling of harmony and confidence in modern technology.