Mobile health services

    With our mobile health services, we provide excellent healthcare to anyone around the globe. As each region has its own though challenges, the Expandable Healthcare solutions are suited for nearly every environment. Our mobile health services guarantee the highest quality in every condition. It does not matter if the solution will be located in Europa, Africa, South America, Asia or the Middle East. The mobile health services from Expandable Healthcare guarantee a safe environment for both patients and staff. 

    Keep your mobile health service costs low with our healthcare container

    Our mobile health services are part of the different solutions we offer, such as the container solution. The container solution is an innovative and fast platform to improve healthcare accessibility. Our healthcare container is an improved standardized platform that is developed to implement any healthcare solution. The solution arrives pre-installed at the assigned location and is set-up in just a matter of minutes. The container solution can reach the required destination in a cost-efficient way. 

    Multiple applications with our mobile health services

    Our mobile health services reach any place in the world and provide multiple solutions. Some of these solutions are CT scans, MRI scans, blood donation or mammography. The solutions can even become a mobile laboratory if necessary. Regardless of the solution, it will improve local healthcare and make it more accessible to the local community. Every solution from Expandable Healthcare can be customized to meet the local wishes and demands.

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