Mobile hospital solutions

    In a lot of places around the world, access to proper healthcare is not for granted. A mobile hospital unit of Expandable Healthcare may be the perfect solution. Not every place in the world has a hospital or medical center which is easily accessible for the local community. Therefore, a lot of people suffer far too long from their deceases, or even die from it. At Expandable Healthcare we see it as our mission to make proper healthcare available to anyone, anywhere. Our mobile hospital works effortlessly in any climate or weather condition and is therefore applicable to any region around the globe. Expandable Healthcare can customize the mobile hospital based local regulations and local law. 

    Mobile medical solutions around the globe 

    The mobile medical center is part of the relocatable solution from Expandable Healthcare. The relocatable solution is a unique result of clever thinking, which reshapes the provision of healthcare delivery. Expandable Healthcare makes sure that the mobile hospital is a mobile healthcare facility that can be placed at every location where it is needed. This can be at the most difficult areas to reach. 

    Mobile medical solutions perfectly accessible

    Every medical solution is a relocatable solution, which provides an outstanding accessibility for both patient and staff. All of our relocatable solutions, like the mobile hospital, is on ground level. This means that there are no stairs or elevators needed. Patients and staff can easily enter or leave the mobile hospital units. The set-up takes only a few minutes, after this the mobile hospital is fully operational. Our relocatable solution can be equipped for many different healthcare purposes, such as OR or surgical rooms, clean and dirty utilities, uptake rooms, X-ray, blood donation, dentistry and mammography.

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