Mobile medical container

    In many places in the world it is difficult to get basic healthcare. This can be for a variety of reasons. For example, the economic condition of the country can be so bad that there is simply no money to build a new hospital. Geography, infrastructure and logistics are all factors that can play a role in the lack of medical care. Mobile medical containers can offer a solution in those situations. These mobile medical units are easy to transport and easy to install. This allows basic healthcare to be offered where it is most needed. Think of places that are difficult to reach, where there is little to no infrastructure. Or in war zones, where medical care is often completely absent. With mobile medical containers it is possible to offer care to people who really need it.

    Mobile medical containers from Expandable Healthcare

    Expandable Healthcare specializes in building mobile medical trailers that are as cost-efficient as possible. This can increase the accessibility of medical care. Our mobile medical containers are tailor-made, because we work with reputable suppliers of medical equipment. By working together with these suppliers it is possible to set up our mobile medical containers for, among others, dentistry, blood donation, X-ray and many more.

    Mobile medical containers for multiple solutions

    The mobile medical containers can be applied in many different solutions. Expandable Healthcare operates in almost any part of the world, like Europa, Africa and South America. Due to the high quality standards of our solutions, we are able to offer a medical solution under any circumstance. Whether this the terrain is rough or smooth, and whether the temperature is hot or freezing cold.

    Expandable Healthcare, accessible mobile healthcare

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