Mobile medical trailers

    Mobile medical trailers are flexible healthcare facilities which can be used for any kind of healthcare, wherever it is needed. Expandable Healthcare design and manufacture mobile medical trailers for the majority of the imaging modality available today such as MRI, CT, PETCT, Cath labs, X-ray and mammography. Expandable Healthcare also has a wide range of solutions for non-imaging applications such as GP rooms, audiology, ophthalmology, laboratory, blood donation and dental. Expandable Healthcare is your partner for this global healthcare solution.

    Mobile medical trailers as solutions for various healthcare challenges

    In order to manufacture these mobile medical trailers, Expandable Healthcare has various partnerships with some of the biggest service providers and leading medical equipment manufacturers, such as Siemens, Philips, Canon and GE Healthcare. The manufacturers understand the need of a deployable mobile medical unit, which comply with the highest quality standards of healthcare. Every region around the globe faces different healthcare challenges, such as a growing population, lack of available healthcare or expanding issues. The need of proper health is growing rapidly on a global level. Our mobile solution offers the solution for various healthcare problems in different regions. 

    The benefits of mobile medical trailers

    The mobile solution is designed to be functional and aesthetical. We often hear it does not look like a trailer anymore. The mobile medical trailer is designed to offer maximum user-friendliness and patience experience. Our slide out designs generates the biggest volume inside the trailer which makes it possible to implement a number of functional areas. It is possible to treat multiple patients at the same time due to optimal usage of space. 

    The mobile is a quickly deployable mobile unit with high quality care and makes on-site treatment possible. The mobile medical trailer can be used for all primary needs in healthcare such as blood donations, dental care, mobile laboratory but also more sophisticated imaging technology such as MRI, CT, PETCT and mammography. Due to the partnerships with leading medical equipment manufacturers, all medical units are provided with the latest technologies and the best equipment. 

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