Mobile medical trucks

    As almost any country in the world encounters various healthcare challenges, the mobile medical trucks of Expandable Healthcare offer a quick and cost efficient solution to a lot of those challanges. With our mobile medical trucks the provision of healthcare will never be the same. The fully mobile facility can be placed at the hardest to reach location. At Expandable Healthcare we call the mobile medical truck the Relocatabler.

    The mobile medical trucks provide a solution anywhere in the world

    One of the most valuable qualities of the Relocatable is the easy-of-use. In a matter of minutes the mobile medical truck is fully operational due to the easy set-up protocol. Therefore, it is a great solution for high emergency situation, but also for hard to reach areas in continents like Africa, South America or Asia and The Middle East. Our mobile medical trucks meet the highest healthcare guidelines and laws. Therefore, they are applicable almost anywhere in the world.

    Our mobile medical trucks are accessible for anyone

    The mobile medical trucks of Expandable Healthcare are easily accessible for anyone. As the trucks are on ground level, no stairs or lifts are needed. This way, staff and patients can enter or leave the truck without any hassle. Patients who have walking difficulties do not have to face the risk of falling anymore. Therefore, our mobile medical trucks are a great solution for any medical purpose.

    Interested in the mobile medical trucks of Expandable Healthcare? Get in touch!

    Interested in our mobile medical trucks? Or do you have some questions about the trucks or any of our other solutions? Get in touch easily and our experts will help you with any information wanted. Give us a call at +31 (0) 88 - 00 69 111 or send us an email at Of course, it is also possible to fill out our contact form. Our experts will then reach out to you as quickly as possible.

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