Mobile medical units

    Expandable Healthcare is a leading company that specializes in multiple mobile medical units. Unfortunately, we live in a world where not everyone has equal access to proper medical care. In many places the medical infrastructure is often inadequate due to poor economic circumstances. This causes inaccessibility to primary healthcare for a lot of people. Expandable Healthcare offers a solution in these types of areas through its mobile medical units. These units are easy to deploy and are much more economically and logistically beneficial than building a hospital. 

    Medical units from Expandable Healthcare

    The mobile medical units of Expandable Healthcare are easy to deploy and are tailor made. This makes them suitable for a variety of purposes. By working together with renowned suppliers of medical equipment, it is possible for Expandable Healthcare to offer a suitable solution for almost every situation. Our medical solutions can be equipped as mobile MRI scanner, CT scanner, laboratory, and X-ray. However, these are only a few of the possibilities. 

    The medical units are very spacious because they are hydraulically extendable. This adds extra space on each side when it is fully extended. The walls are covered with seamless insulated sandwich panels that meet the latest requirements. Furthermore, four hydraulic arms ensure an optimal stable working environment. Due a smart lau out additionally our units guarantee patient privacy at all times.

    Expandable Healthcare, your partner for Mobile Medical Units

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