Mobile MRI scanner

    A mobile MRI scanner plays an important role in creating better and more flexible healthcare around the globe. At Expandable Healthcare we believe that we can make a difference in providing better healthcare to anyone, anywhere. Our mobile MRI solutions are from the finest quality and as a medic you are guaranteed that you can work in any circumstance. The mobile MRI units can face extreme temperatures and are very flexible. The performance of our scanner will not be affected. We tell you everything you need to know about our solutions.

    A mobile MRI scanner anywhere in the world

    Each region around the globe has its own challenges, the mobile MRI makes sure that all these regions have access to the same level of high quality medical care. It does not matter if the mobile MRI scanner is located in Europa, Africa, South America or Asia and the Middle East. Most important is that the temperature inside the mobile trailer must be pleasant at all times.  Every design for a mobile MRI trailer is focused on friendliness and the patients experience. The mobile MRI solutions are easy to use, flexible and available in different models.

    Mobile MRI scanner

    The mobile MRI scanner is part of the mobile solutions of Expandable Healthcare. The mobile solution is a flexible healthcare solution that provides access to healthcare wherever it is needed. Expandable Healthcare has their focus on functionality and aesthetics. The mobile MRI scanner does not look like a trailer, this applies to all of our mobile solutions. We are making sure that the experience is optimal for the patients, as well as the staff. All mobile applications from Expandable Healthcare are clinical and modern. The mobile solution can also be equipped for many other healthcare applications, such as CT, PETCT or mammography. It may even be used as a mobile laboratory.

    Every solution from Expandable Healthcare is customizable to meet the wishes and demand of our clients. 

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    Do you have a question about the mobile MRI or do you have a question about our mobile solutions? Get in touch with us easily. Fill out the contact form or give us a call: +31 (0) 88 - 00 69 111. Of course, you can also send us an email at

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