Relocatable medical units

    In some parts of the world healthcare is hard to get by, due to the inaccessibility. Expandable Healthcare offers solutions for these parts of the world. One of the solutions are our relocatable medical units. During the design of these medical units, much attention was paid to accessibility. Our relocatable medical units are at ground level, so no stairs or lifts are required to enter the unit. Therefore, it is much safer for both patients and staff. Due a smart lau out additionally our units guarantee patient privacy at all times.

    The relocatable medical units are very easy and quick to use. It can be up and running within a few minutes. Help can be provided quickly and effectively wherever it is needed. This is crucial in areas where the need for medical care is high. 

    Relocatable medical units from Expandable Healthcare

    Expandable Healthcare is a company that focuses on finding smart medical solutions for hard-to-reach areas. The relocatable medical units of Expandable Healthcare are tailor-made. By working together with reputable companies, it is possible for us to equip our relocatable medical units with medical equipment which are required for a specific situation. Therefore, our medical solutions can be equipped as mobile dentistry, blood donations station, laboratory and CT.

    Technical aspects of our relocatable medical units

    Our relocatable medical units are equipped with 4 lifting jacks, so that they can be lifted from the chassis to the ground. Both sides of the units are able to expand 1.2 meters, which provide a spacious area to operate for the medical staff. The total width of the unit amounts to 4.8 meters. This not only provides more workspace in the unit, but also makes the unit easier to transport. The expansion protocol is fully automatic and hydraulic so there is no need for manpower or heavy lifting. Finally, the walls are covered with seamless panels. These walls ensure, among other things, a higher insulation value.

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