Expandable Healthcare

    The Challenge

    More than one billion people cannot obtain the health services they need

    Today more than one billion people cannot obtain the health services they need because those services are either inaccessible, unavailable or unaffordable. In some regions of the world, there are either very few healthcare facilities, or none at all. 


    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 57 countries, mostly in Africa and Asia, have insufficient access to healthcare to provide minimum standards of care. In these regions, millions of deaths occur every year from diseases that would easily be treated in developed countries. Many of these deaths are caused by lack of access to basic healthcare services. 

    Work Together


    Expandable Healthcare is addressing this problem. In partnership with NGO’s, Governments and medical Equipment Manufacturers like Philips, Siemens, GE Healthcare and Canon, we create platforms to make it easier to implement sufficient healthcare solutions. Platforms that create a fast track to healthcare. Whether it is a primary healthcare clinic or a more sophisticated imaging modality like CT, Expandable Healthcare has a product a product portfolio to serve a need.

    Our solution

    By using a standardized platform we can bring healthcare solutions to any part of the world in a very efficient way. A true fast track approach to improve accessibility to healthcare.

    Solutions  or  Markets