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    Driven by innovation, Expandable Healthcare is changing the way mobile healthcare services are delivered to patients today. We have a strong focus on accessibility and comfort for patients and staff.

    Mobile healthcare solutions

    A platform to improve accessibility to healthcare

    Our goal: to create a new standard in the delivery of mobile healthcare. Better and easier access for patients and staff. Optimized privacy in a unique, safe and healthy environment.

    Our new designs are created from the ground up, with a complete focus on both patients and staff. We completely reshaped and redeveloped our products, and created a unique portfolio to improve access to healthcare. For anyone, anywhere in the world.

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    Legendary shapes

    The exterior design of our mobile healthcare units sets us apart. We created a new standard in design with a unique look and feel. Where one would expect straight angles, our well-thought-out design shows rounded shapes. Pure aesthetics and typical of our product. Our signature: doing it all, in all-new ways.

    • Rounded angles
    • Next level design
    • Pure aesthetics
    • Unique look and feel

    Health & Safety

    Optimized environment

    Our mobile units ensure a high level of safety in the medical workplace. The mobile unit’s design facilitates separate entrances for both patients and staff and creates an optimally safe environment for medical examination or treatment. We take health and safety to a new level by integrating current requirements for air purification and air filtration into our design. Your safety is our priority.

    • Separate entrances for staff and patients
    • Optimal air filtration and purification
    • Ergonomic design

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    Mobile healthcare solutions

    New ways for better access to healthcare

    Movable space

    Movable space

    A mobile healthcare solution for anyone, anywhere in the world. Solutions suited for specific regions, with a strong focus on functionality and accessibility.

    Health & safety

    Health & safety

    Mobile solutions that operate at ground level. The safest access for both patients and staff. The safest and healthiest environment with an optimal climate control system and air filtering.

    Unique user experience

    Unique user experience

    We have combined our innovative and visually balanced finish with artwork, typically designed for stress reduction, and to invoke a feeling of harmony and confidence in modern technology.

    Our partners

    Team up for better health

    We believe in partnerships. Our products are certified by some of the world’s largest companies and leading medical equipment manufacturers like Philips, Siemens, GE Healthcare and Canon