Asia & Middle East

    A region with many different landscapes and climates.

    A continent with beautiful areas and many cultures. Great resources, but unfortunately also a lot of poverty and a healthcare infrastructure that is not accessible to everyone. A place where Expandable Healthcare wants to make a difference by making healthcare care more accessible for those who need it. We believe in our mission to contribute to a healthier and better future for everyone. In the area of healthcare, there is still much room for improvement in most African countries. Several factors play a role, which causes healthcare to be inaccessible for a lot of people. Among many others, infrastructure sometimes complicates the implementation of healthcare services. Due to the enormous distances, lack of good infrastructure and the remoteness of most areas, it can be difficult or even impossible for people to receive medical care.


    Expandable Healthcare makes it possible to improve accessibility to healthcare. By developing different types of platforms, Expandable Healthcare makes it possible to implement medical equipment applications such as X-ray, CT or laboratory equipment much easier and much faster. For any type of healthcare application, Expandable Healthcare has a solution available to make it accessible for those in need. At the end it is all about accessible to healthcare for people who need it.



    We push the boundaries to make healthcare accessible to everyone in the world

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