North America

    A crucial role in the delivery of imaging services to its population

    In North America mobile and relocatable healthcare facilities still play a crucial role in the delivery of imaging services to its population. Hospitals in North America are support by large healthcare service providers to cut waiting lists or to add capacity in the form of so-called interim services. There are hospitals who operate their own mobile imaging unit in order to optimize their patient care. Large screening initiatives are executed with mobile solution to reach large targeted audiences and to generate the best coverage. A well-known example in North America is the breast cancer screening initiatives which are executed in a number of states in North America.


    Mobile healthcare solutions contribute to better healthcare and improve accessibility. Expandable Healthcare has a wide range of product solutions to support healthcare service providers, hospitals and healthcare institutes. Based on our many years of experience in the field of mobile and relocatable imaging solutions we are your partner to implement your next mobile or relocatable imaging solution.

    North America


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