Mobile Field Hospital

    Mobile clinics delivered to National Guard

    Expandable Healthcare delivered 6 mobile clinics to Zeppelin. Zeppelin is a German based company specialized in mobile field hospitals. Our units will be integrated in a full blown field hospital. Due to the mobile aspect of our solution these units will be deployed independently from the field hospital as well. Our clinics will serve the community in remote and rural area’s. The end user is the National Guard of Kuwait. Our clinics are based on the Expandable Healthcare’s Relocatable concept with 2 hydraulically operated slide outs. The units consists of a complete water system including fresh and waste water management, generator, toilet and HVAC. Each units is designed to serve a special medical treatment.

    The following clinics are includes:
    Dental clinic, Ophthalmology clinic, X-ray clinic, Pharmacy clinic, ENT clinic and GP clinics.

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