Mobile Medical Plus

    Alliance Medical and Expandable Healthcare today announced the launch of Mobile Medical Plus in the UK, a new diagnostic imaging solution that combines the latest in expandable unit technology, with state-of-the-art imaging facilities. Through its ability to treat those who require in-patient care, Mobile Medical Plus will help further relieve the burden on healthcare providers by granting them with extra capacity, and act as a seamless extension to their existing clinical operations.

    “With the use of innovative expandable unit technology, Mobile Medical Plus enables healthcare providers to create a full scanning service in an environment that provides all the flexibility of a mobile imaging unit. At the same time, it looks and feels like a full, permanently built treatment centre, creating a more comfortable experience for patients when they visit,” says David Cahill, Alliance Medical’s Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer.

    “We are proud to provide healthcare providers with an additional solution that both improves the experience of their patients and helps to address their capacity problems.”

    Mobile Medical Plus contains the most advanced scanning technology, as well as support units, waiting rooms and even natural and mood lighting to ensure patients feel at ease. The added benefit to patients is that the Mobile Medical Plus unit has separate patient changing areas to enhance privacy and dignity. As well as benefitting patients, the Mobile Medical Plus unit is also more comfortable for staff. In addition the enhanced space provides better working environments for staff.

    Mobile Medical Plus was created as a result of the partnership between Alliance Medical and Expandable Healthcare spanning over the last 18 months. “Combining Alliance Medical’s heritage in imaging services with Expandable Healthcare’s mobile solutions expertise, we were able to create a forward- thinking solution that pushes the boundaries of diagnostic imaging,” says Richard Evans, Alliance Medical’s UK Managing Director.

    Martijn Gevers, CEO of Expandable Healthcare, also commented that “during our partnership with Alliance Medical, we have been delighted with how the hard work and creativity of both teams has produced an improved environment for both patients and staff.”

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