Hybride care EHC 2 technology

    New standard in healthcare service delivery

    Expandable Healthcare introducing a completely new way of delivering mobile healthcare services to hospital sites. Expandable Healthcare engineered from scratch a complete new retractable chassis configuration to maximize maneuverability and flexibility. The goal was to make it possible to reach the most challenging and complex location and to prevent operators to use a crane. The chassis configuration incorporates a Tridec EF-S steering system which enables trailers to be equipped with a steering system for kingpin axles. The system can steer a maximum of three kingpin steered axles. The steering angle is easily set to the available mounting space and required maneuverability. Manual steering by wireless remote-control offers extra maneuverability, making the axles steer in ratio or at equal steering angles (“crab steering”). 

    The savings:

    • time due to maneuverability
    • fuelc onsumption
    • tyre wear
    • vehicle maintenance & damage

    Winning technology 

    The new Expandable Healthcare chassis reacts to the smallest steering motion and follows the truck without any delay, preventing chassis damage. Hydraulic accumulators directly supply the steering energy required. At higher speeds and while driving straight, the wheels are locked into the straight position, ensuring a highly stable straight run. Hospital sites that couldn’t receive a mobile healthcare unit in the past can now be reconsidered and benefit from this new technology and serve patients.

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