A fantastic solution
    Collaboration with InHealth

    A fantastic solution

    First-time collaboration between InHealth and Expandable Healthcare to design and manufacture...

    Partnership Alliance Medical GMBH

    The perfect match

    Sometimes, in life, things just 'click'. There is someone in need of a solution and someone with the answer. Let's start with the solution so, in the end, you'll get why this is such a great story.

    Hybride care EHC 2 technology

    New standard in healthcare service delivery

    Expandable Healthcare introducing a completely new way of delivering mobile healthcare services to hospital sites.


    Care Unit for The Bahama’s

    IMC is now operational at High Rock Bahamas. Great achievement by the local team considering the circumstances.


    Mobile Medical Plus

    Alliance Medical and Expandable Healthcare today announced the launch of Mobile Medical Plus in the UK.


    GE Hybrid MAMO

    Next stop for the GE Healthcare Women’s Health and X-Ray Roadshow is Portugal - in an amazing location for today's attendees.


    User Experience

    When we go out, we dress up, right? Or, when people come over, we make sure our house is clean and inviting.

    Our partners

    Team up for better health

    We believe in partnerships. Our products are certified by some of the world’s largest companies and leading medical equipment manufacturers like Philips, Siemens, GE Healthcare and Canon