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    A unique result of clever thinking that reshapes the provision of healthcare delivery

    Our relocatable solution is the result of clever thinking and great design. A fully mobile healthcare facility that can be placed at locations where it is needed, even some of the most difficult to reach areas. During the designing process of the Relocatable, much thought was given to accessibility. Because this mobile medical trailer is on ground level, no stairs or lifts are needed anymore. It is easy for patients and staff to enter or leave this unit, while avoiding the risk of falling down the stairs.

    The relocatable unit is very easy to use. Place it on the ground and start the set-up protocol. Within a few minutes this unit is fully operational and patients can be received. Effective and efficient. A great solution for high emergency situation or temporary capacity problems. To meet the latest health standards and to offer good insulation, we have opted for seamless sandwich panels. These merge seamlessly on both sides. This does not only provide high insulation values, but also a sleek and modern look.


    Our relocatable concept can be equipped for many healthcare applications. A few examples for which it can be used:

    • Dentistry
    • Blood donation
    • Primary healthcare
    • CT
    • X-ray
    • Mammography
    • Mobile laboratory
    • Mother & child

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    Key features

    • Relocatable unit executed with 4 lifting jacks to lift the unit from chassis and to lower it to ground level. To demonstrate this innovative design please check out the movie.
    • Expands hydraulically on both sides by 1200mm each side resulting in a total operational width of 4800mm. Total length of the unit 7000mm
    • All movements hydraulically operated
    • Insulated sandwich seamless wall panels

      Depending on configuration and application the following features are integrated:
    • HVAC
    • Generator
    • Lead shielding (modality specific)
    • Steel shielding (modality specific)
    • Chiller system (modality specific)
    • Furniture
    • Customized features can be integrated

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