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    Making an impact by designing and manufacturing flexible healthcare solutions to improve accessibility and making the latest imaging technology globally available for everyone. We understand that every challenge requires different solutions. We’ve removed barriers to improve access to healthcare around the world.

    A brand new solution

    The Hybrid Care Unit EHC 2.0

    We proudly present our latest innovation; The Hybrid Care Unit EHC 2.0. We’ve upgraded all previous specs like the interior, the safety standards and accessibility. But, the most unique part is that it’s extremely manoeuvrable. Because of the remote controlled, slideable chassis you can place the unit anywhere you want. The triadic axles makes it possible to turn in and out of (almost) every corner. This flexibility even makes it possible to relocate multiple units with just one chassis. Hybrid care at its best.

    The Hybrid Care Unit EHC 2.0

    A new standard

    The perfect flow

    Like our previous unit, our mobile unit operates at ground level. The safest access for both patients and staff.


    30 Minutes setup
    14 Meters in length
    70 Square meters


    The first and only mobile healthcare solution that fully operates from ground level. A new standard to make it easier to access the imaging unit for both patients and staff.

    Bold Experience

    Curved shapes on the outside and a unique design on the inside. The experience begins upon arrival at the site. The external look and feel is translated into a unique experience on entering the clinic.


    By implementing a unique slide-out concept we created the most efficient and spacious mobile unit. A unit that turns into the larges clinical space on site. More space resulted in an optimized patient flow and better patient throughput.


    On the move

    The Hybrid Care Unit EHC 2.0 goes places where no mobile unit has ever gone before. The chassis can be 14 meters (when you arrive) and brought down to 6 meters (when you drive off). Because of the remote controlled chassis, you can place the unit anywhere you want. The TRIDEC steering axles make it possible to turn in and out of every corner. That makes The Hybrid Care Unit EHC 2.0 a true hybrid between a mobile and relocatable care unit. Hiring a crane becomes obsolete and the side preparations are a lot more flexible.


    The perfect flow

    Because patients and staff come first, we’ve made sure they are both as comfortable as they can be. The mobile unit’s design facilitates separate entrances for both patients and staff, creating the most optimal and safe patient flow. The separate air filtration and purification lets everybody breathe safely. Last but not least, our units operate at ground level. Accessible for all.

    Our partners

    Team up for better health

    We believe in partnerships. Our products are certified by some of the world’s largest companies and leading medical equipment manufacturers like Philips, Siemens, GE Healthcare and Canon


    Mobile healthcare solutions

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    Movable space

    Movable space

    A mobile healthcare solution for anyone, anywhere in the world. Solutions suited for specific regions, with a strong focus on functionality and accessibility.

    Health & safety

    Health & safety

    Mobile solutions that operate at ground level. The safest access for both patients and staff. The safest and healthiest environment with an optimal climate control system and air filtering.

    Unique user experience

    Unique user experience

    We have combined our innovative and visually balanced finish with artwork, typically designed for stress reduction, and to invoke a feeling of harmony and confidence in modern technology.