Relocatable Unit

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    Making an impact by designing and manufacturing flexible healthcare solutions to improve accessibility and making the latest imaging technology globally available for everyone. We understand that every challenge requires different solutions. We’ve removed barriers to improve access to healthcare around the world.

    Relocatable Unit


    Relocatable Unit

    Speed, flexibility and efficiency are key features of our relocatable care suite. It arrives on site as a true mobile and turns into a full-sized clinic with multiple applications. An efficient solution that requires only a small footprint on site.


    15Minutes setup
    8Meters in length
    40 Square meters

    Easy access

    With a hydraulically operated lifting technology our relocatable clinic can operate at ground level with optimized accessibility for both patient and staff.

    On site

    Efficient and smart engineering resulted in a relocatable concept that turns a mobile unit into a full-sized clinic.

    Look and feel

    The typical Expandable Healthcare look and feel transforms the clinic into a unique patient experience.

    Health & Safety

    Optimized environment

    Our mobile units provide a high level of safety in the medical workplace. The Mobile Unit’s design facilitates separate entrances for both patients and staff and creates an optimally safe environment to undergo medical examination or treatment. We take health & safety to a new level by integrating current requirements for air refreshment and air filtration into our design. Your safety is our priority.

    • Separate entrances for staff and patient
    • Optimal air filtration and purification
    • Ergonomic design