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    The Hybrid Care Unit

    Hybrid Care Unit, the new standard in mobile healthcare delivery.

    This is how we roll

    Our ambition was to create the perfect patient experience on any location. 

    In order to live up to this ambition and contrary to the traditional mobile concepts, we had to improve a safe access for both patient and staff, minimize liability for service operators and create the most spacious unit available in the world. With the highest esthetical design both inside and outside.

    We had to set a new standard.

    Hybrid Care Unit

    So, using our 15 years of experience we designed the Hybrid Care Unit from scratch starting with the outline of a normal trailer. But the Hybrid Care Unit is far from normal. When arriving on site its round edges of the roof design immediately catches your eyes.

    And then, as the trailer is parked at the right location, the magic happens. You witness a revolutionary transformation when the operator takes the remote control to lower the 4 hydraulic trailer supports. And right before your eyes the complete axles configuration is moving away from underneath the unit. Then the Hybrid Care Unit lowers itself to the ground. Completely.

    And with a touch of a button, both sides of the unit extend over its full length to reach its full capacity. The Hybrid Care Unit, a unique combination of Dutch design and engineering.


    When opening the door of the Hybrid Care Unit an easily accessible, spacious and complete health clinic reveals itself. Within a couple of minutes, the mobile unit turned into a ready-to-go care unit at ground floor. The state-of-the art interior designed by a Dutch architect gives it a modern and crisp look & feel. So, what rolled in as mobile trailer now turned into a fantastic care unit for health professionals to deliver care to those who need it, their patients. Anyone, anytime, anywhere. The Hybrid Care Unit.

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