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    The perfect match

    The perfect match

    Sometimes, in life, things just ‘click’. There is someone in need of a solution and someone with the answer. Let’s start with the solution so, in the end, you’ll get why this is such a great story. 

    Expandable Healthcare is changing the way, mobile healthcare services are delivered to patients today. They literally build a platform for all of us in need, by staying on the ground. That sounds cryptic right, so let’s explain. 
    Their mobile units are a breath of fresh air for both patients and staff. With a strong focus on comfort and accessibility, the mobile units turn the world of mobile healthcare upside down. 

    Yes, they are completely movable by truck. And with a push of a button (okey, some buttons, but, who’s counting?) the units expand to the most spacious medical mobile units in the world. Because they operate on ground level, accessibility is optimal. Patients and staff have their own entrance, the airflow is optimised and purified to the highest standards and there are three separate changing rooms. Ready for some icing on that already pretty interesting cake? All rooms are visually balanced with artwork, typically designed for stress reduction. Inside and out. 

    So, there you have it. The perfect solution for medical mobile healthcare. That is exactly what Alliance Medical thought, when they discovered Expandable Healthcare. Alliance, a well-known player in the field of (movable) healthcare found themselves in a pickle. Demands were rising (in numbers and quality) but solutions weren’t really out there. Example; Alliance Medical helps organising the research for lung-cancer. Three hospitals in Germany joined forces and started the Hanse-studies to examine thousands of patients by pre-scanning them in order to conclude if lung-cancer can be detected at a very early stage. This is a huge operation, where medical mobile units are the solution.

    And then, one day, Jaap Schurink (Director of Operations, Alliance Medical red.) and Martijn Gevers (Managing Director, Expandable Healthcare red.) met, and the perfect match was born. After questioning Jaap Schurink about this investment he was most enthusiastic. The medical mobile units of Expandable Healthcare are a real game changer, he said. They turned everything upside down and started from scratch, with the comfort of patients and staff as the primary focus. And, when the technology didn’t exist, they just made it themselves. Well Jaap, thank you for that. It was exactly what we had in mind, when we were creating our units. Patients and staff come first, always. 

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    This is a story about a perfect match. There is someone in need of a solution and someone with the answer. Who is who will be revealed in this article. Curious yet? I know I am. 

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